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.co.ke KSh. 850.00
.com KSh. 1,000.00
.org KSh. 950.00
.net KSh. 1,200.00

TechFiti Clouds Popular Domain Extensions

Full list of the top level domains we sale a techfiti with the respective pricing for each one of them.


Better for google search index ranking especially especially for users in Kenya

KSh. 850.00 New

Build your business or company brand with this type of domain extension.

KSh. 1,000.00 New

Mostly preferred by non-profit organizations and industry standard groups

KSh. 950.00 New

Derived from the word network. Would be ideal for internet and network providers.

KSh. 1,200.00 New

Generally used by any site however most e-commerce sites and digital agencies have used it.

KSh. 300.00 New

The extension is also fit for commercial, network, and organizations

KSh. 300.00 New

Ideal for blogging websites. Can also be used for informative and business sites.

KSh. 850.00 New

Anyone can register this domain also ideal for informative websites and networking context

KSh. 850.00 New

For all start-ups. Start with building a global appeal for your business and company.

KSh. 2,500.00 New

Distinctively Preferred also for commercial organizations and businesses.

KSh. 1,500.00 New

Considered by most sites running hospitality, community services or sports related businesses or organizations

KSh. 400.00 New

Best Domain Features

What to consider when choosing a domain for your site.

Make it memorable
Make it memorable

Use a short at least three words and a memorable domain name. This will help your clients easily remember it and relate well with it.

Make it memorable
Check for keywords

Make sure your domain name is similar to your business, company or organization name or your brand target niche to increase your traffic.

Make it memorable
Know Your audience

If you target a specific locality as your market taking a domain extension related to that area say.co.ke, .ug, .tz would place better on the browser search.

Make it memorable
Less but better

Avoid characters such as hyphens, numbers or using slang or miss-pelt words as that would make it hard for your site to be easily traced by people.

Make it memorable
Protect Your privacy

Use ID protection to secure your details as the registrant of a specific domain. This protects you from spammers getting your contact details or email by searching it via whois databases.

Make it memorable
Be fast to be first

Best domains are easily registered, hence use our search tool to determine if the domain is available once it is available register it fast to avoid losing it to someone else.


Frequently Asked Questions

The most common questions we get from our esteemed customers and potantial customers, regarding our products and services.

A lot of companies are migrating to cloud providers and VPS for hosting and we acknowledge that. So, yes we offer domains without hosting, but we are always there incase you come back for hosting

TechFiti Clouds has a dedicated team of software engineers capable of developing small, medium to large enterprise web apps. Checkout our market plae for more details and quotes. We also have a rich network of external developers ad consultants that we can always refer you to incase you need a different skillset for your project

We have Lean Zone and Tech Ui pages, where we delve into and simplify some of the most popular sections of shared hosting and cpanel based on our experience and expertise. If you're our customer we always support you incase of any challenges

It is where customers and potential customers manage and make orders for domain and hosting services on TechFiti Clouds

Yes ofcourse you can transfer your domain to us. Just contact your current provider and request for details necessary for transfer, give them to user and we'll complete the rest. We're the best there is in Kenya but if you also wish to transfer from us for convenience, we alway ready to provide you with the necessary information.